Custom Made Fibreglass Bodies


A Proven Track Record of Excellence

16 Canadian championships says it all. Professional racer or street-savvy biker, a SquidSkins body goes a long way for the performance enthusiasts.

Custom made fibergalss bodies allow you to get “the look” without the weight, & for the ultimate speed-demon, a carbon-fiber body brings aerospace technology down to earth.

All prices are fibreglass finish

All prices are Canadian dollars, all in.

  • Plus Shipping Costs where applicable.

Please call or e-mail for carbon fiber pricing

Not all models listed.

Squidskins bodywork finished 1st and 3rd


 CSBK Pro Sportbike Nationals 2022

Congratulations to

 David MacKay
Trevor Dion!


We are the ONLY company that repairs our bodywork after a crash.

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Pronunciation:  /skwid/



  1.   A carnivorous mollusk belonging to the same class as the nautilus & cuttlefish.
  2.   An out-of-control sportbike rider. Definitely not a cuttlefish.
  3.   AKA: Someone who has gone into a turn way too fast, & has had a yard sale.